ISEE Essential x JBL Pasión Series Karaoke Bundle

Sale priceHK$12,998.00
Speaker Size: 6.5” (Pasion 6)

Speaker Size

This bundle comes with a set of JBL Professional Karaoke Audio Equipment, including loudspeakers, a power amplifier, and an ISEE Essential Karaoke Player with two wireless microphones included.

The JBL Professional Pasión Series Loudspeakers deliver crystal-clear sound quality and create a powerful and immersive karaoke experience in the comfort of your own home. Coupled with ISEE Essential and the included wireless microphones, this bundle saves you money as there is no need to purchase an additional karaoke mixer and wireless microphone system. It is perfect for anyone who loves singing and wants to elevate their karaoke experience to the next level.


  • Suitable for Hong Kong’s market and living environment to meet the needs of home karaoke
  • Home streaming karaoke system, supports full HD video output and Hi-Fi grade audio formats
  • Supports simultaneous connection of multiple smart devices for remote controls
  • Full selection of Traditional Chinese songs that meet the needs of Hong Kong’s market


This package includes:

  1. ISEE Essential with Two Wireless Microphones
  2. JBL Pasion 6 / Pasion 8 Full-Range Karaoke Loudspeakers (1Pair)
  3. JBL V4 Two-Channel Power Amplifier