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Add-On: Add 2x Wireless Microphones


The ISEE Essential comes with a karaoke player and two wireless microphones (Add-On) - It is a next-generation karaoke system that lets you control from your smartphone or tablet. You can sing your favourite karaoke songs straight from your TV and speakers via an HDMI & an RCA Cable.

Over 400,000 Songs

Discover a diverse range of more than 400,000 high-quality songs with original music videos & instructions in 14 languages at ISEE Karaoke via the cloud platform.

Weekly Updates

Experience the joy of singing along to the most recent hits with our ever-expanding song catalog and regular software updates automatically every week.

Remote Control

Simply use connect your smartphone or tablet by scanning the QR code on the TV to easily browse the karaoke catalog and add songs to the queue.

Karaoke Streaming

Stream and play your favourite songs via the cloud platform without the need to download. Keep the party going non-stop with uninterrupted music!

Easy Connection

Designed to be Effortless

ISEE Essential, a fully integrated karaoke player that features a built-in mixer and comes with two wireless microphones. Experience the convenience of effortlessly plugging in and singing directly from your speakers using its RCA lineout audio output.

Integrated Microphones

Wireless Premium Microphones

The wireless microphones deliver exceptional performance with high-fidelity sound. They have anti-interference and noise reduction capabilities, ensuring clear vocal sound unleashes your true potential and makes your voice stand out. You can use other microphones via the mic input for easy connection.

Supports Multiple Devices

Usability & Accessibility Experience

You can easily control your ISEE Essential from multiple devices simultaneously. You won't have to wait long to select your favourite songs anymore. You can easily choose the songs you want to listen to using your smartphone or tablet. The included remote also allows you to perform basic control functions such as adjusting the volume, pitch, and music playback.

Say Goodbye to Lyrics Video

Welcome Karaoke with Original Music Video & Instruments




Simple as 1, 2, 3

3 Simple Steps to Setup

Step 1

Plug power

Unbox everything and plug the included power adapter into your ISEE Essential and the power source.

Step 2

Connect TV

Connect your ISEE Essential to a TV or Projector via a HDMI Cable

Step 3

Connect to Speaker

Connect the ISEE Essential to your existing karaoke speaker via a RCA/RCA to AUX audio cable.

Final Step

Start singing now!

Get ready to kickstart the party and belt out your favorite tunes with ISEE Essential - it's karaoke time!


Support Video Formats


Support Audio Formats


Power Specifications

12V/3A External Power Supply(110-240v)

Maximum Code Stream Support


Wireless Microphones
  1. UHF High Frequency Range;
  2. Durable Aluminum Microphone;
  3. Tube for Impact Resistance;
  4. -94dBm Sensitivity;
  5. Maximum Audio Output of 1Vpp;
  6. 8-Stage Audio Equalization;

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